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Battleship- May 4th the Wellness Center on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter,, MAY 4 • Hyslop Pool1 P.M. • Team check-in:12:30 P.m.BattleshipCan you keep your boat afloat?Free RegistrationSIGN UP YOUR crew OF 4 at UND.EDU/INTRAMURALSstudents, faculty and staff can...

Pick Up and Play- Quidditch!

Pick up & playLearn and play a new sport in a no pressure environment.For more information on this month’s event, check out the website: jan. 17: broomball mar. 21: quidditch feb. 6: curling...
Five fun exercisesico-video-large

Five fun exercises

%CODE1%Jump Rope Patterns: Start in a standing position with or with out a jump rope in hand. Start out doing 1 jump with a hop in between, which is 1 repetition. Complete 20 repetitions...