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Sleep Machine® by SleepSoft LLC

Why we love it:Looking for a way to drown out rowdy roommates or street noise? This app offers ambient sounds and lots of "white noise" options.What is it?This easy-to-use app helps you create a...
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Stop hitting snooze: How to make the most of your morning

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000In a recent Student Health 101 survey, nearly 40 percent of respondents said they’re naturally “night owls.” At the same time, almost 80 percent noted having responsibilities at 9:00...
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Boost your metabolism while sleeping

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000You’ve probably heard that sleep improves brainpower, your body’s ability to heal, and emotional functioning. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School in...
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Bedtime basics: How to establish your nightly routine

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000Schoolwork’s demanding, housing is noisy, and your social life calls, so it might feel like sleep is optional. It’s not! Sufficient sleep is essential for a healthy...
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The 8-hour advantage: Discover the science behind shuteye

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000The value of getting substantial sleep can never be overestimated, especially for busy students. Homework, meetings, and other tasks often seem like they take precedence over a...