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People camping in a green tent

Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Are you interested in getting your exercise outside or do you just want to explore the outdoors? Then gear up for adventure at The Outpost! The Outpost offers a variety of equipment including: Kayaks...

Battleship- May 4th the Wellness Center on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter,, MAY 4 • Hyslop Pool1 P.M. • Team check-in:12:30 P.m.BattleshipCan you keep your boat afloat?Free RegistrationSIGN UP YOUR crew OF 4 at UND.EDU/INTRAMURALSstudents, faculty and staff can...

Pick Up and Play- Quidditch!

Pick up & playLearn and play a new sport in a no pressure environment.For more information on this month’s event, check out the website: jan. 17: broomball mar. 21: quidditch feb. 6: curling...

Five fun exercises

%CODE1%Jump Rope Patterns: Start in a standing position with or with out a jump rope in hand. Start out doing 1 jump with a hop in between, which is 1 repetition. Complete 20 repetitions...