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Night owls

Calling all night owls: Making your sleep habits work for you

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000Sleeping much? At night—or in lectures? If these questions make you yawn or weep, you’re in good (but tired) company. Many college students are night owls, prone...
Girl smiling under blanket

Sleep study: Top 10 tips for better nights

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000The benefits of sleep have been unarguably established by science. Restful nights are strongly associated with happiness, healthy weight maintenance, reduced risk of chronic disease, and having...
woman stretching after sleep

Stretching for better sleep

Stretching is an easy way to unwind from the day and get your body and mind in the mood for sleep. Here are four stretches to help you relax: Forward Bend: Elongates the back, neck, and...
Woman stretching in bed

You snooze, you win: How sleep helps you retain memory

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000Sleep is your key to academic success. But why? It allows you to learn information and use it when you need to. Isn’t that what school is...
sleep machine

Sleep Machine® by SleepSoft LLC

Why we love it:Looking for a way to drown out rowdy roommates or street noise? This app offers ambient sounds and lots of "white noise" options.What is it?This easy-to-use app helps you create a...
Man waking up

Stop hitting snooze: How to make the most of your morning

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000In a recent Student Health 101 survey, nearly 40 percent of respondents said they’re naturally “night owls.” At the same time, almost 80 percent noted having responsibilities at 9:00...
Man laying down relaxed

Boost your metabolism while sleeping

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000You’ve probably heard that sleep improves brainpower, your body’s ability to heal, and emotional functioning. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School in...
woman sleeping

Bedtime basics: How to establish your nightly routine

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000Schoolwork’s demanding, housing is noisy, and your social life calls, so it might feel like sleep is optional. It’s not! Sufficient sleep is essential for a healthy...