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Battleship- May 4th the Wellness Center on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter,, MAY 4 • Hyslop Pool1 P.M. • Team check-in:12:30 P.m.BattleshipCan you keep your boat afloat?Free RegistrationSIGN UP YOUR crew OF 4 at UND.EDU/INTRAMURALSstudents, faculty and staff can...

Ask the doc: March 2016

“When can drinking too much water be dangerous?”—Amy J., SUNY Empire State College, New YorkDrinking too much water carries the risk of hyponatremia. This condition occurs when the amount of sodium in your blood...
drop of water

Water wars

Is your fancy bottled water any better than plain old tap water? Nope. Bottled “spring” or “mineral” water, just like tap water, is collected from a natural wellspring in the ground. And a quarter...